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Monday, September 25, 2006

Beaches and horses

What a lovely weekend!! We went up north and gawd it was wonderful to get out of Auckland! All three Clarks, with dog in tow had a great time. The drive up was really good with just a bit of crying before Orewa and then quiet for the rest of the way - whew! It was starting to get pretty stressful, I wanted to kill the other drivers - ram them while screaming "Get the feck outta the way, my baby's crying!". hehe We spent Saturday with Sola and Mark in Ruakaka. Caelan had great fun with Aunty Sola again - he thinks she's real funny. He loved meeting another dog too, giggling as he patted her like he does with Toa - super duper cute.

On Sunday he had his first "real" beach trip - I say "real" as these Auckland things just aren't beaches! ;) It was a glorious day. Caelan loved having his hands in the water and grabbing handfuls of sand - thank god he didn't eat it! We spent Sunday at the farm, he loved seeing his Great Grandma, Grandma and cousin again and meeting all the animals! Everyone thought he was just gorgeous - of course! hehe And HUGE - of course! hehe He was soooo good, we were really worried about how he'd sleep but he was amazing and went to sleep when he was supposed to without a peep. Hurrah!

Last night was a different story! Not sure what happened but he woke at 12:30am screaming his head off. We just couldn't calm him for ages - it was so sad. He wouldn't even open his eyes - poor thing was absolutely frantic for ages. I tried to feed him to calm him but he didn't want to know about it. Finally he calmed down a bit and I was able to feed him - not because he was hungry, just to calm him and settle him down. Probably shouldn't have but he was just soooo upset and that worked. We're wondering if perhaps it was night terrors - if so, it can just bugger off and not happen again thanks. He woke again at 4:30am doing the same thing but wasn't screaming for as long and was able to be calmed relatively soon. Needless to say, all three Clarks are bloody tired today.

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Shellie said...

Sounds like much fun was had by all! looking good Caelan!