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Friday, October 27, 2006

We have a grumpy one

Caelan's been really grizzly and unhappy for the past couple of days. Not sure what's up - we're thinking maybe more teeth (god help me! Ouch). He's been rubbing his ears a lot again and crying a lot for seemingly no reason and not being able to be calmed. Poor wee thing. When he's not crying he seems sad, not really interested in toys or us, just stares off into nothingness looking unhappy - there are none of the gorgeous smiles and no chuckling or squeeling laughter. Hope he comes right soon - I miss my boy! Yesterday he wasn't interested in feeding, completely missed his 3pm feed - just bit and screamed everytime I tried to feed him. Tried a few times over the two hours he was up but nope he didn't want to know about it. He spent over an hour straight crying. Poor little guy, nothing would help so I just held him while he cried. He had his 11am feed and then the next fed wasn't till 7pm - and only for about two minutes that time before the biting and crying started again. He refused completey this morning as well - bit and cried. All we can think of is teething - or perhaps he's just having a bad couple of days for no real reason (we all know what that's like huh?). Hope he feels better soon.

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