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Monday, July 24, 2006

15 weeks and 3 days old

Everything is going really well! Caelan's such a happy wee boy now, the cold's basically gone and he's not suffering with the reflux. Thanks to either the medication or Dr Phillips' treatment - we've been too scared to start reducing the losec. Just don't wanna risk him turning in The Screamer again. Not now that it's going so well. But that's the plan. Soon.

We saw his Paediatrician again on Friday and she was thrilled with his progress and how much happier and alert he was. She asked us to keep a journal of his 'spasm' things because she's looked into it further and can't think of what it might be, other than severe pain caused by the reflux and bought on by movement. He was weighed and measured there too which was exciting - he was 7.74kg and 65.8cm. What a biggun!! She was astounded at his weight gain - little budda is still putting on just over 300 grams a week. I thought he'd slowed down but no!!

He's started reaching for and holding his toys now which is so cool, and when he's on his tummy he pushes himself up onto his knees - crawling soon???

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