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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happier little boy

Well Caelan's cold has nearly gone - thank god, after 2 weeks of having it! He's still pretty snotty but the horrid cough has gone and he's not sounding all gurgly any more. Horray! Little so'n'so gave it to me as well - ggrrrrrr. So we've been a snotty, coughy pair for two weeks.

We saw Dr Phillips again today, he did his stuff and is pretty confident that the vomitting will slow down and stop within the next week. It's so interesting listening to him explain his form of treatment. I don't understand it at all but it's interesting! Well it makes sense when he's saying it but buggered if I can remember shortly afterwards! haha

Things have been so much better all round (apart from the cold of course), Caelan's been so much more settled and happier. No screaming for hours on end - yahoo! And is sleeping so much easier now. Though the damned cold wrecked the sleeping through the night - he's waking at 5-5:30ish now instead of 7:30. Poos! Let's hope he goes back to that real soon.

Silly Mummy put her ear muffs on me! They're pink - I'm not a girl Mummy!

Told you not to hold me up like that Daddy!

Fun on my bedroom floor.

Woops! Don't need that.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh he is sooooo gorgeous!! I know this cos I am his grandma!!!

kylie nicholson said...

caelan what perfect aim you have. glad you are feeling much better. your aunty kylie is not feeling very well at the moment - have a throat infection :( .. oh well. luv me xxx