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Monday, July 10, 2006

If it aint one thing it's another

Poor little snot machine has a cold! It's just not fair, just when he's starting to feel a bit better with the reflux he gets a cold. He's completely full of snot, blocked up and has a horrendous cough. He's sleeping really badly because of it too, constantly wakes with a coughing fit or not being able to breathe and cries.

We had such a good day on Friday and were even able to go to friends for dinner and he had his 8pm feed there and went TO SLEEP there as well. It was soooo good! We were real people - had dinner AND I even had a glass of wine after dinner as he wasn't feeding till the morning. We woke him at 11pm to to bring him home and he went to sleep after a bit of a cry. He slept till 7:30am when he usually would have woken! So good!! Then it turned to crap as the cough started on Saturday and he got worse gradually over the day till it was a full blown cold by night. Which meant his sleeping through has stopped again. It's so sad. He's so miserable and sick. It sucks!

Playing with Daddy on Saturday morning.

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