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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And the little one said "Roll over! Roll over!"

Caelan can roll over by himself now - yay!! Yesterday I put him on his tummy to play, I went into the kitchen to put some toast on and when I came back he was on his back. Clever little boy! I was soooo bummed that I didn't see it, so back onto his tummy it was with Mummy not taking her eyes of him. Waiting. Nothing. Waiting. Nothing. Toast popped - went into the kitchen to get it and yep, when I came back cheeky little thing was on his back again. Dammit! Determined to see this I put him on his tummy again and stared, scared to even blink! hehe AND HE DID IT! I scared him with my excited praise too. He did it another couple of times and then I stopped, didn't wanna use up my quota and for him not to do it when Daddy got home. But he must have wanted to show Daddy too because he did a few times later on. Our clever little boy!

He's still really good, everything is so much nicer for us and painless for him, oh and nicer for us, did I say it's nicer for us? He had a really bad day on Friday which consisted of no sleep all day (nice one!), completely disinterested in feeding (a total of 10 minutes for the whole day) and much, much crying - totally inconsolable. No amount of cuddles, feeding, playing, leaving him alone would help. But one day out of how many? I can handle that and I'm sure he can. Saturday was pretty yucky in the afternoon and evening as well but by Sunday he was much better and yesterday he was back to the delightful baby we now know as Caelan.

I got a visit from my Great Grandfather and Merl yesterday morning and I'm so clever that I turn to look at the camera when Mummy calls me.

Hanging out with Toa.

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