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Friday, August 25, 2006


We've definitely broken the "NO BOTTLE" rule. He had 270mls for his first feed yesterday and to make sure he would take it at any time, did another 180mls for his evening feed. That is SOOOO exciting! AND Chris gave it too so he doesn't get used to it always being me. Horray for Caelan! Horray for feeding from a bottle! Horray for a tiny bit of freedom! Now we don't have to go through the freezer and throw all the milk away when it's over 2 months old. That was a crying shame in the past - really made me wanna cry. I did want to give it to the cat or dog cause I invest so much of myself to get it - Chris thought it was gross though. hahahaha He was probably right! So down the drain it went as I shed a tear ;) I don't wanna think about how many litres have be wasted BUT now there's no need! Huzzah!! I'll continue to express every day as I have been since the year friggin DOT it feels like HEHE and I'll express whenever he misses a feed (when I'm able to of course, I wont be whipping out the pump in a restaurant or the movies or anything!) to keep my supply up. Anyway enough about my boobies!

This morning we had a bit of training... check out the photos! Ok so it might be an overkill, one could have done the job - but he's my boy, shut up! And they're all so damned cute!!


Shellie said...

I dont know who i am more pleased for!!! Well done Caelan, using a bottle is a big deal!

Tanya said...

Hi Caelan, boy you are a super dooper cutie! :) By the way where is your mothers website?

Cooper said...

Yay Caelan...such a clever boy for taking the bottle. Great pics Saff!