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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Food is good

I cooked up some carrot and potato for Caelan yesterday and he had carrot for lunch. Ate it all - yummy scrummy! He was a little confused to begin with I think but kept on eating - he had about five teaspoons which is a pretty good amount for such a little tummy (well let's be honest it's quite big!). I gave him a bit of potato that couldn't fit into the icecube trays and he ate that too. What a good boy! So he'll continue having his pear/apple in the morning with the losec and vegies for lunch, then pear/apple at night with losec. We haven't dropped his dosage yet - it's just too damned scary. Perhaps we'll let him outgrow that dose and see how it goes... We'll see, we may get brave. The amount of vomitting has decreased too like Dr Phillips said (he's magic I tell ya!), he's still Mr Chucky but not as often. Horray! :)

Carrot is yummy!

Holding my new toy.

1 comment:

Shellie said...

good grief your boy is a cutie!!!! very georgeus hanging with Toa too!