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Monday, August 07, 2006

Four months old and full of snot

Caelan's sick again - poor little bugger. He's blocked up and has a horrible cough again. Last night it got worse and he was really miserable and wheezy. It acutally sounds like he's got asthma when he breathes - real wheezy and whistly. Chris thinks he has asthma as at one stage he was really out of breath and doing short quick wheezy breaths. It settled down and he was breathing normally again but still really wheezy. Oh god I hope he doesn't have it! That would suck. Chris is really concerned cause he knows how horrible it is to have and doesn't want Caelan to go through that.

This means that the night sleeps are up the poop again. He started waking at 5am when he first got it but now it's 4am - horray! He's not sleeping well either, constantly coughing and choking in his sleep which ends in crying. Poor little boy. Hopefully he gets better soon. If he's still this bad all day and as wheezy he'll be off to the doctor.

Apart from the cold everything is going really well. He's exactly four months old today as well - it's odd, it seems like we've had him for ages but that he was just born yesterday all at once. Makes no sense I know! hahaha On Thursday we're going to the Plunket Family Centre for his four month check and weigh - horray! Can't wait to see what he is - that's always fun. While there we're doing the Introduction to Solids course which'll be good. Ohhh and on the solids front - he HATES his vegetables now. Thinks I'm trying to poison him. It started off that he was a bit confused by the new taste, the confusion gradually turned in "UGH!", with the "UGH" turning into "I hhhaaaaaate this! I haaaaaate you! What are you trying to do to me?!?!? HELP! They're killing me here!". So after a week of having vegies for lunch yesterday he finally refused completely and really wasn't happy about it all. We think it's because he's only eaten sweet things since he was 10 weeks old when he first started the apples and pears. That's a long time to get a taste for the yummy sweet fruit. Now he thinks the vegies are awful! I'm considering mixing a bit of vegies with some fruit and gradually reducing the fruit so he gets used to the vegie taste. But yucko - apple and carrot!? Pear and potato anyone? No thank you!

Chris' parents came over to watch Caelan so we could get out for a while and do our groceries. It was nice to spend a bit of time just the two of us - we haven't been able to do that since my birthday so we were REALLY looking forward to it. Especially me as getting out of the house these days is damned exciting! hehe We had some lunch and I had a coffee - ohhhh it was nice! I haven't had a coffee for yonks as I don't wanna drug Caelan up with caffeine. Ahhhh no feeding for a while so coffee it was for me - and a STRONG one at that. Well Caelan had a different idea! No way was he drinking out of the bottle!!! No way hozzay! Chris' mum called saying that she'd tried and tried and he didn't want to know about it. Thanks a lot! So home it was for us without any groceries as we were just on our way there when we got the call. Little poo bum! I tried again today with his medicine dispenser and paracetamol and no way! NO TEAT! Don't want it. Bugger. So I'm pretty much poked which makes me wanna cry!! He's bound and determined to make it so I can't do anything but tend to him. hehe We're gonna get a sipper bottle and try that, can't go this week though as the weather is horrible and he's too sick. Hopefully that works when we get it though.

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