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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

On the roids

Caelan's cough and wheezing got worse so we called the Healthline, the nurse asked a whole lot of questions and got us to count Caelan's breaths in 20 seconds - which was too fast and combined with the wheezing and coughing fits, advised us to take him to get looked at. So off to the Ascott A & E we went. He's got bronchiolitis and we've been given a short course of steriods to ease the wheeze and if he doesn't improve or gets worse we're to take him in again. Poor little guy. It sucks, our doctor told us babies can tend to catch everything and it's really hard for them to shake colds and viruses. Well that's definitely proving to be the case with him! Hopefully he gets over this quicker than the last 2 week cold! One of the babies from our coffee group is in Starship with a servere case of bronchiolitis - been there overnight and looking to be there a couple more. Poor wee thing, she's got tubes for oxygen and feeding. Hopefully he doesn't get that bad! He's just woken so gotta go.

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