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Thursday, August 17, 2006

He's got a new game

Well actually it's a old game that seems to have come back into fashion. It's called 'Let's see if I can drive Mummy completely insane'. Dunno what the hell is wrong with him but am over it! Can ya tell??? hehehe He's been really unsettled for a while now. He nearly won the game yesterday too - woke at 7am and pretty much screamed all day, feed at total of 10 minutes for the whole day and when he wasn't screaming he was grizzling (which I've discovered is nearly as bad!), he wasn't interested in any toys and certainly wasn't going to sleep. It was horrible and I wanted to die - I shouted at him once and then later on apologised while crying with him. To feel anger and then the following guilt for ones own baby is a horrible, horrible thing. Here's hoping he bores of the game soon cause if he keeps playing he will win!

1 comment:

Shellie said...

Oh Clark family, so sorry about young Caelan's woes and we all hope he gets better real soon. xxx