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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Still gummy

Aside from all the dribble, shoving everything into his mouth and rubbing, playing with ears and general grizzlyness - we have no signs of teeth. He's also got another cold dammit all - it started with coughing and sneezing in the weekend and now he's a snot machine again. He's one of those lovely babies that has snot running from his nose to his lip - nice!! I always said I'd NEVER have one of those too :) hehe It's also one of Chris' pet hates - we're now "those" parents, with a scungy baby who has a trail of snot from nose to mouth. Nice - he'll be sucking it in soon. Ugh - before I make myself sick I'll change the subject!

Saturday was ahhhh... great :) We were very prepared, got ready early, packed Caelan's bag, feed him - he had a small lunch so as not to be too full when swimming, cancelled an appointment to see a house and off we went. We were running early!! Awesome. I'd charged the camera batteries so there was no chance of running out. All morning and on the way there we kept telling Caelan he was gonna be swimming soon and how exciting that was. We get there (still early) and have pick of the carparks, waited for a while and then went to find out where the swimming pool was. The pool looked awesome - we got more excited. We then realised that we were a week early! hahaha I always knew it was on the 7th but for some reason I was a week ahead of myself. I asked Chris the date and he said it was the end of September. OPSY! hahaha We told Caelan it was a test run and now that we know the best way to get there, we're all prepared for next week. Poor little boy! Stupid parents!

1 comment:

Cooper said...

Hee hee...love the swimming story! AND the piccies... showers are fun! See you at swimming tomorrow...