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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

4th of July is the day

Got the letter last night and Caelan's appointment with the Paediatrician is on the 4th of July. AWESOME!! I'll leave his Losec dosage as it is until then. He's doing so well on the apple he has with it, I was really worried about that and didn't know how he'd take it. But he LOVES it! It felt really wrong to be giving such a little baby solids but that's how it's to be given, and it is only half a teaspoon to a teaspoon at the most. They say not to think of it as an introduction to solids but more like the sweet syrup used in other medicines. So that's how I shall think of it! :)

We've got a baby massage course today at 11:30, really looking forward to that. I've been giving him massages but just doing what I want rather than having learnt anything. I hope he loves it. Hopefully he doesn't hollar and annoy the other babies!

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Big Daddy said...

Cute kid! Congratulations!