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Monday, June 26, 2006

It's all happening

It feels like we just might get our boy fixed soon. haha I wish they had a Little-boy Fixit Shop or something! An amazing friend (you'll read why he's amazing further on) visited last week, he saw the video of Caelan's spasm thing and told me about his doctor. This doctor is apparently brilliant and very well known for his works - anyway he doesn't take on any new clients as he's so busy with those he currently has. Mike (amazing friend) said he'd talk to him as he was seeing him the following day, he visited after his appointment as said he'd got us in by describing Caelan's "condition" and saying I was his cousin. He gave me the details and said the receptionist was expecting my call, as he was leaving he handed me an envelope - it had $300 in it! I nearly died and told him to take it back, he refused and said "It's for Caelan, I just want him to get better". That made me cry - it was so nice!! See - amazing friend huh? He said that his doctor is expensive so that can help. Amazing friend!

The appointment is on the 5th of July and we're really looking forward to it. I've researched the doctor who now has a name - Dr Allan Phillips from Neurolink (Click here to check out his website). He uses a Neurological Integration System of treatment which sounds great. He is known worldwide for his "why" approach and that really excites me! I've always been saying that I want to find out why Caelan's having these problems and fix that, rather than medicate the symptoms which most of the medical field seem to do. And amazing friend wasn't kidding when he said he was expensive!!! $190 for the first visit and $130 thereafter - whew!!! But Chris and I would try anything, we just want Caelan to be better. Though this doctor wouldn't have been an option without Mike's help. It means so much to us.

The weekend was pretty good - Caelan is so much happier. He had a bad 4-5 hours last night but that's nothing in two days - so much better than he was. His spasm things seem to be happening more often I think, Chris thinks they're getting worse, I'm not sure. He had some pretty bad ones just lying in his buggy on Saturday which was horrible - that's the first time we've noticed them happen while lying down. It's pretty scary. He did have quite a lot over the weekend - it makes me feel so bad, I apologise to him as if it's my fault. Not that he even understands me! This morning I was in his room about to get him up and he was happily chatting to me from his cot, I was putting some clothes away in his wardobe when he screamed horrendously. When I turned his face was bright red and he was really unhappy - it was like a pain scream. I hope he didn't get one then. I hope they aren't getting worse! I hope Dr Allan Phillips can find what's causing this.

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