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Friday, June 02, 2006

8 weeks old today

Wow how the time flies. I'm really amazed at how quickly days go by - I wake up, I feed, I comfort a screaming baby, I do some housework, I feed, I comfort a screaming baby, I feed, I comfort a screaming baby, Chris comes home, holy moly it's the end of the day. Weeks are gone before I know it and suddenly I've got an eight week old baby!

He started his losec yesterday, it's in liquid form, which he thought was the most vile thing ever. He frothed and screamed and works himself into quite a state - I felt so mean! But at least it's only 5mls once a day - I'm giving it at midday as his worst time is towards the end of the day. Today he took it much better than yesterday, then again I did make sure to shove the syringe halfway down his neck to avoid the tastebuds! hehe Poor lad! I got a call from the reflux support website co-ordinator last night which was awesome. She was able to answer my questions and give some good advice. I'm off to The Baby Factory tonight to get something called Munchkins, which is a small medicine dispenser with a teat for babies. She said it works really well for giving the losec as they suck it and it's down within a few gulps and they don't taste it as much, and it's nowhere near as traumatic as a syringe. She also told me that the granule form of losec is 25% more effective than the one I've got and much easier to administer. It's so great to have the support from people who know about this and understand how hard it is. Yay for them!

Apart from all of that Caelan's actually been pretty good for the past two days. Much better than he had been - we're seeing more smiles again and giggling which is soooo much fun. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen; he doesn't make much sound, just a little squeal as he breaths in and a gaaa on the out breath - all with the hugest open mouthed grin. So lovely! Especially compared to the face we see so often!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Yup I saw him giggle too! Really cute! His daddy used to do that but when the air went back in he used to make a "barking seal" kind of noise. Hope you are having good day today. Luv Grandma.

Anonymous said...

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