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Monday, June 19, 2006

Double digits!

Caelan's 10 weeks old and dribbling heaps! He's also just discovered his hands AND that he controls them. He's completely mesmerised by them - holds them up infront of his face and stares at them and tries his hardest to move them or keep them still. He tries so hard that he shakes and grunts while he's staring at them, all the while dribbling horrendously! He gets really frustrated with them as well when they don't do what he wants and keep hitting him in the face. It's really adorable, he is so determined to master them and is at it just about the whole time he's awake. The rest of the time he's feeding, crying, sleeping or pooing!

He's been on the Losec granules for 7 days now and we think we're seeing an improvement (it's so scary to say that as it feels like I'll jinx it!). He goes to sleep without crying for ages and sleeps for longer. He still wakes regularly during sleep time and hollars but he falls back to sleep most of the time. He's also much happier - it's soooo good.

The doctor saw the video of his spasm thing and said he's never seen anything like it. We're to limit it from happening as we've been doing. So it's slow movements while holding him and no bouncing etc. The doctor doesn't think it's due to the reflux but said it could be... so who knows? He sure doesn't! He's referred us to a Paediatrician and thinks that the wait may be about 6 weeks with the strikes at the moment - bummer! But at least we're in the system now and we'll be seen, hopefully, soon.

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Cooper said...

Hey everyone...that hand thing is sooo cool eh? So very glad Caelan is responding well to the granules...thats awesome! And much more settled too which makes for a happier Mum and Dad. Yippee! Very cute pics...such a gorgeous wee lad. See you tomorrow! M and G