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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


What a hellish weekend! Chris and I thought we could get away on Saturday morning without Caelan - WRONG! Well actually, we did, but boy oh boy it wasn't worth it. Chris' mum kindly stayed the night so we could leave after the 3:30am feed - yay for Grandma! So by the time Caelan was fed and back to sleep and we were showered and ready, we left at 5:30am. We got back at 9:30am to find Caelan awake - naughty boy! Poor grandma! After a tight rewrap he was put back to bed and left to cry himself to sleep (hard thing to listen to, especially when one is so tired). Unfortunately though he was due for the next feed very shortly, so was awake again and feeding pretty soon. Well after that there was pretty much no more sleep all weekend!! He wouldn't settle at all after the next feed and cried all the way through till the next and then continued on in this fashion after the next feed. It was really tough for Mummy and Daddy who were very tired - it just wasn't a happy Clark household. So Caelan came into our bed before we all went completely crazy. He slept next to me and I did a really bad thing - feed him to sleep while lying down, it's naughty but at least it got him to sleep. Thank goodness!!! Chris and Caelan both slept and I got a bit of sleep here and there - it was bliss though as the crying had stopped. I just can't sleep well with him next to me, he was really grizzly and moaning which of course meant I was awake with every noise. Whenever I tried to move a little bit away from him he would follow me like a heat seeking missile. I couldn't get away, which meant I couldn't get comfortable. We put him in his own room after the next feed and he slept after a bit of crying - horray! I finally got some sleep from about 3am to 7am. But he was horrible all weekend with it getting worse as they day went by. By the time night came round he was so exhausted that he would sleep - thank goodness he did acutally sleep at night which meant we could as well. But it's so exhausting listening to crying all the time and not being able to do anything about it. Sooooo long weekend was horrible thanks!! Absolutely sucked!

We went out on Sunday to get the medicine dispenser before having to go through the losec fight again. Wow oh wow! This thing is amazing! I love it!! He sucked and it was gone before he knew it... AARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! He's crying again - an hour and a half before he's due to wake up. Hopefully it stops... He was miserable while we were out but we just had to get it and it was good to get out of the house. We wanted to go for a walk around Mission Bay on Monday morning with Toa but decided against it because taking Caelan out would have made him worse. While out doing the groceries last night Chris was asked by someone if he had a good weekend, "No, the baby wont stop crying" was his unimpressed answer.

Actually he did stop for a while yesterday, we took that opportunity to play with him in the sun. He really enjoyed it, then the crying started again! Groan. Well he's still hollaring so I'd better go. Oh lord please let the losec work and the crying stop.

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