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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I jinxed it!

I knew I shouldn't have written that things were improving... yesterday we had a horrible day! Caelan was awake crying from 3pm to 10pm - though when he finally got to sleep he slept for 9 hours. Thank goodness. All that crying is horrible though. Poor wee boy! Poor Mummy! Poor Daddy! He just wouldn't settle at all, feeding was bad, everything was crap.

Today we went to the Plunket Family Centre to see if they could help with what we're doing and so I could get a break. Even though we were there for his best sleep time, it was wonderful to get a break. We got there at 9am, feed at 10am, at 11am they told me to go upstairs for a sleep and they'd deal with him, it was horrible leaving my crying baby with strangers at the beginning. I just lay there for an hour, completely exhausted with a headache but unable to sleep. I was gonna give up and go back down but stayed there, and thank goodness because I fell asleep! It was lovely, I got just under an hour. He'd also slept quite well, they said he took a while to get to sleep (he'd been up since 7am and was WAY overtired), then woke after an hour and had to be resettled. It was so good to get a break. We got back at 3pm and he's still crying. I keep going to comfort him and then leave but it's just not working - I think I've just got to give up and get him up. It's been an hour now and that's not good. Off I go. Oh, they said that perhaps his medication needs to be looked at and that he may need more than he's getting, so I'll talk to the doctor about that.

I'm off. the screaming is frantic now.

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