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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I took this photo yesterday as proof that he does actually sleep. It may not be often but it does happen, so when I feel like he never sleeps I can just look at this photo and realise that yes, he does infact sleep sometimes.

He's two months old today and boy oh boy he's not an easy baby that's for sure! I'm in the process of contacting the Reflux Support site people and a reflux forum to see if they can shed some light on his spasms. In all my research I haven't read about it or anything that sounds similar and am wondering if it has anything to do with his hernia, the reflux or if it's something completely new. I'll copy and paste my message in here so I don't have to retype it -

"Hi there - I'm a first time caller LOL My two month old has reflux, diagnosed at 3 weeks. He was on gaviscon which did nothing and after another couple of trips to A & E and Starship he's now on losec (liquid). Been on for 6 days now and there is no improvement much to my heartache! I realise it can take a couple of weeks to work so I'll hang in there before going completely insane.

He screams a lot in pain, vomits a lot and has a wheezy sharp sounding cough which sometimes comes in big fits that cause him to choke. Ontop of all of this, which I realise are reflux symptoms, he has always had a strange stiffening up and going bright red in the face and not breathing. He looks like he's in horrendous pain, his face is a grimace, goes bright red, his eyes start to water, he doesn't breath and his arms are out infront of him with fists, his whole body is rigid. It's horrible and makes me cry because he really seems to be in agony. We change his position and this seems to make him come right. It only lasts seconds (between 5 and 15 I think) - it's really horrible and when it finishes he sucks in a breath and screams in pain. When we move him to ease it or make it go he's like a rock, all of him is rigid. Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Help, we've told the doctors about this and they just ignore it as it's not happening at the time. I'd really appreciate it if someone can shed some light on this. Thanks heaps."

Here's hoping someone out there can help.

1 comment:

kylie nicholson said...

what a gorgeous little angel he looks .... i will ask around up here and see if anyone knows whats happening with caelan. i hope you find help soon my darlin xxx