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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Underwater swimming

Caelan went under the water on Saturday at swimming - he was sooo good! He doesn't care too much for the water in his eyes but really didn't mind the whole being under at all. It was actually a little scary waiting for his turn - I was excited and nervous all at once. He was the second to go and of course he was fine though. He just loves swimming so much, so glad we decided to take him!

He can pretty much sit up by himself now, we have the odd topple over but he's doing real well. Still no more progress on the crawling front though - he gets up onto his hands and knees and does the 'I'm-gonna-crawl-soon' rock but that's about it. He does go backwards everywhere though - this morning he jammed himself under the hall table and couldn't get out. Funny guy. That's some travelling from the lounge where I put him facing the other direction! Teeth are growin' nicely, still just the two at this stage and I'm hoping it stays that way till he's a year old when I can stop breastfeeding! He's really naughty with the biting - just thinks it's hilarious, grins and giggles while he's biting down real hard. OUCH! I do the firm "No" and stop feeding for a while before starting again but it just doesn't work. I push his face into the boob so he can't breath and lets go - doesn't work, makes him giggle and bite harder. In the weekend he had a good time of it - didn't feed at all just bit, everytime it was feeding time he'd just bite and laugh, bite and laugh. When I would say "No" he'd just bite harder and giggle through clenched teeth. Not fun. Not at all fun. Thankfully by the end of the weekend he was actually feeding again and not biting anymore. It's a dangerous thing this breast feeding.

Where's Caelan?! Ohhhh that's him swimming under water!

That aint so bad Daddy.

Running my fingers through Olivia's hair.

Playing on Olivia's toys with Declan.

Wearing Mummy's hat - I'm so cool!

I've got teeth! Look!!


Cooper said...

Yay for Caelan... just like a little Snork under the sea! Ouch, Saff...can totally empathise with the biting. George only does it occassionally though but STILL... owwwww! George cries when I say "No!" though... Caelan must have sadistic tendancies! lol

Michelle Walmsley said...

Hi Saff

What cute Pics Sienna loves her swimming class to!
Stink about the biting I don't have that problem thank goodness.
You have such a lovely little man