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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Such a yummy age

It's so much fun - for all of us! Caelan's real happy, talkative and laughy - which makes for a happy Mummy and Daddy. He's sitting by himself now, he can sit and play with his toys for about five or so minutes before toppling over so we're definitely getting there. He's using his hands to stop himself falling a lot more now which is so cute to see, if he starts toppling to one side he'll put that hand down on the floor to stop him - clever wee thing.

On the food-front he's doing really well - eats bananas like a big person and takes things into his mouth, bites off a bit and chews it up before swallowing. WOW! He's just like a person!!! hehehe He bit Chris' finger the other day and only now does Chris feel sorry for me and my nipples - HA! Seeeeee it does hurt! He couldn't believe how hard and sore it was. Strong wee teeth for ones so small.

He's taken to waking at 6am rather than 7am which isn't so fun. Hopefully it ends soon! I got home this morning to find Chris and Caelan in bed together - real cute! :)

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