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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It all changes so quickly

He's got teeth!! They're not all the way up but they're a comin'. The bottom middle tooth on the right is level with the gums, but out of the gums and will be fully out in no time I'm sure. How exciting! That's all - just wanted to post that as I made a point to say he had none yesterday and just a day later THEY'RE HERE! Amazing. Well I'd better go get him so he can test them out on my nipples! hehe


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris and Saf. We haven't had the pleasure of meeting your wee man yet so it has been really great catching up on what he has been doing. Love the picture of you Chris with Caelan in bed.
Love Val and Warren :)

Saffron said...

Hi Val and Warren! Thanks for your comment and visiting Caelan's blog - glad you enjoy it :) Hope you're well, Chris, Saff and Caelan