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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Caelan the brave

He got his five month immunisations on Monday - over a month late but at least it's done now. He was such a brave boy and didn't even cry, I was really scared because the last two times he's screamed his poor wee head off, but this time he was great. Well he is over six months old ya know - he's a grown-up! hehe The nurses were all amazed at his size and couldn't get over how tall he is. It's great to have such a big, strong boy.

He was pretty sleepy for the rest of the day and a little grizzly but all in all he was pretty damned good. Unfortunately for Chris he woke at 6am on Tuesday morning screaming his head off and wouldn't settle, he screamed for over an hour. My poor boys! When I got home at about 7:15am they both weren't happy, Caelan had red swollen eyes and Chris was incredibly over the constant screaming. I know what that's like and it just aint fun when nothing will calm him. He wasn't hungry, he wasn't wet/pooey, he was just screaming. Caelan looked at me with his red puffy eyes, tears still rolling down his face and gave me a little smile - made me want to cry! That was probably to do with the immunisations I'd say. Apart from that all's fantastic.

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