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Monday, October 09, 2006

Six months old and talkin'

Caelan turned six months on Saturday - holy moly he's half a year old! WOW!!! Ok I'd promised myself I wouldn't do that whenever I talk about how old he is, I know it's boring and I know you're probably rolling your eyes and saying "I know, I know, you can't believe it... Yeah, yeah, you're amazed and wonder how it happened... You say it all the time, you're shocked at how quickly the time goes by..." But OH MY GOD I REALLY AM!!! hahaha I'm sorry but how on earth do I have a six month old son?!?! Well of course I know HOW I have a son, we all know that - there were birds, and some bees, and I'm pretty sure there was a Chris there too... Annnnyway! He's six months old :)

Swimming rocked! He absolutely LOVED it. He had the bestest time and flapped and splashed the whole time - it was too cute. We knew he'd enjoy it as he loves bathtime but he really loved it - it was so lovely to watch. Chris got in the pool with him - it's their weekend time which is nice cause he spends heaps of time alone with Mummy. Also Mummy just about vomits at the idea of getting into togs!! hehe Though watching made me want to be in there with my guys. It was so awesome, I was smiling, giggling and snapping away madly, whilst feeling incredibly proud - 'My little boy is swimming!'. His friend George is taking the same class so they had a little chat in the pool (cute last photo).

AND he started saying dadadadaaa yesterday!! 'My little boy can talk!'. Wow this motherly pride this is pretty intense. We were in The Baby Factory and I heard this baby talking, well kinda shouting and I thought 'Hehe cute', kept walking 'Hang on!!!!! There are no other babies around!!!'. I spun around and looked at our little boy in his buggy talking. Ooohhhhh how excited I got. I think Chris thought I was crazy, but my lord it was so exciting. I think Caelan thought I was crazy too. Just like he'd been doing it all the time he was shouting and really happy about it. Yesterday was a great day - he was really happy and talkative, the cold had improved and the sun was a shinin'. Yesterday was a great day.

Anything else... Oh he's started to have the odd bit of finger food too. He's had apple and pear whenever I'm eating one and bread and banana. He thinks it's great. Tis a very messy exercise this feeding oneself but boy oh boy it sure is fun!

Oh and teeth, or I should say ow and teeth. He thinks it's really funny to use them now - youchy! The two bottom middle ones are out of the gums now, they're not very high yet thank goodness. It's all a happenin now - which reminds me, he can sit on his own for much longer now and has just worked out that he can put his hand down to stop him falling if he starts toppling over to one side. What a clever boy!

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Anonymous said...

I told the girls at work he can speak in sentences! It may only be one word but boy can he get some different tones with it!! I can vouch for the fact that he shouts. Heard it with my own ears! I know what you mean Saff about where has the time gone. I look at the photos of my "baby" with his baby and feel the same. Brings a wee tear to the eye. Luv ya's. Grandma.