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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Starship again last night!

Yesterday was another shocking day - he was awake from 12pm miserable and not sleeping. So at about 6:30pm we took the screamer to Starship. Some silly young thing that had just started there implied that he was a naughty baby and some babies are just like that and demand a lot of attention and cry a lot unless held. She said that we don't want to encourage bad behaviour though and that he's doing it because he knows we'll come. You silly, silly girl!! She also asked if we had a lot of support and to make sure that our support people were taking over to give us a break, and to try putting him in a stroller and going for a walk to cope with it better. We weren't going in there to say "Help! We don't know what to do with our newborn! He cries and we don't like it!". He's 7 and a half weeks old, we're pretty confident in what we're doing and know when he's in pain or just crying because he's unhappy. We explained AGAIN that it really appears as if he's in pain and nothing calms him or makes the pain go - not even holding you idiot!! We explained AGAIN that he'd been in when he was 3 weeks old for the same thing and was diagnosed with reflux and the gaviscon just wasn't working. I told her that we've done a lot of research and spoken to a lot of people with reflux babies and we would like losec. Young girlie agreed that's what should probably happen and said she'd get the senior doctor to come in to examine him. It was the Botty Burp Irish paedeatrician from last time, she examined him and observed his behaviour (wriggling, screaming, grunting and unsettleable) and told us that he has a bad case of reflux where the milk burns him on the way down as well as up when it comes back up, so he's in constant pain (which we already knew). This is called reflux oesophagitis and we got a prescription for losec which will hopefully ease the poor boy. So after three hours we leave with report for our GP, prescription for losec and nice condescending words of encouragement from Silly Young Thing "You guys are doing really well, these babies are hard work and you're doing such a good job. Make sure you get that support you need at this hard time." Poor wee Caelan was exhausted from so many days with so little sleep, he fed when we got home (not much due to pain and tiredness) and went to bed just after 12am and slept till 7:30am. The reflux gods must have listened to something!


Cooper said...

Saff! Woah, you guys have been having a really hard time. I'm in tears just reading your post... must be really frustrating coming across people like that. I hope the meds are working and I'm sending Caelan sleep vibes and hope you all get to relax soon.
Take care hun...will call you next week. Perhaps I could pop round to yours... I'll bring lunch and some ear plugs to save us from our boys.

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