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Friday, May 19, 2006

6 weeks old today!

Wow, it's amazing how quickly the six weeks has gone by! Caelan's doing well, feeding much better after such a slow start. He's unsettled quite a lot, cries a lot due to his sore tummy - damned reflux! Poor wee thing, it's so hard seeing him in pain and not being able to do anything about it. This parenting thing is heart-breaking! I'm sure my heart will break a million times throughout his wonderful life. I just want to make him feel better and I can't. He's vomiting all the time too which can't be nice for him. Hopefully we get it under control soon or he grows out of it real soon - like tomorrow! Tomorrow would be good!

Apart from that he's doing really well. He's already over 5kg and is putting on weight at a good rate now too regardless of all the vomit, he's smiling and laughing (with funny little sounds, not real laugh noises) and is such a lovely little boy. Oh so gorgeous too!

It's our six monthiversary today and we were gonna go out for dinner but have decided that rather than upset his routine (well if you can even call it that yet!) we'll stay home and order in. So that's what we'll do - dinner and a movie homestyle!

Well the wee one sings about being hungry - so off I go. MOO!

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