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Friday, May 26, 2006

7 weeks and crying on, woops - carrying on!

Caelan's been really unsettled lately - had two really bad days with LOTS and LOTS of crying and LITTLE sleeping. This makes for a lovely alert mummy - not!! He's not sleeping as long as he was at night either now. And is feeding really fussily - like wriggling and moaning the whole time and not feeding for long. Which of course mean he's hungry earlier. He's generally pretty miserable and just after a feed and burp he's still squirmy and whiney until it's time to go back to bed. Poor boy - I'd love for him to be happy and smiley and learning to laugh and make sounds. Instead he's practising the one sound that Mummy and Daddy realise he knows oh so well! Ugh.

Gripe water is no longer my friend. Infacol was my friend for one day but now it's not either. These things only seem to ease him for a day before he's back to what he was like before. Tomorrow we're gonna start on the gavison - tonight I shall pray to the reflux gods.

Sleeping isn't doing so well either, he was sleeping for around 3/4 hours during the day with up time of an hour to an hour and a half and at night he'd sleep for 4-6 hours usually with the odd longer one of 7 hours and then the once off mammoth 10 hours. But now he's sleeping 3/4 hours at night as well - poos.

He cries = I go.


Cooper said...

Hey Saff, Maria here... must be something it the air cause George has been the same over the past two days. The worst is when they fuss at the breast... poor rejected Mummies! It will improve soon as I'm sure they go through cycles... hope to see you both soon.

Maria and George

Anonymous said...

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