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Monday, May 29, 2006

Still unsettled

Poor wee thing has been sooooo very unsettled lately. This morning after his 8am feed he's hardly slept more than 10 minutes before waking up crying and then falling asleep again after a few minutes to wake up crying shortly after. Crickey this can't make for a very restful sleep! He just seems to be in pain a lot which involves a lot of grunting, groaning and crying. There have only been about 2-3 sleeps that I remember where he hasn't screamed himself to sleep. It must be yucky to be so miserable all of the time, makes me really sad for him.

He HATES the gaviscon - poor boy. He's having all of this yucky stuff shoved down his neck before and after every feed - as if he wasn't miserable enough before, we're just gonna make him feel worse! He has the infacol before a feed, which he doesn't seem to mind too much - just a bit pissed off at having this syringe shoved in his gob when it's supposed to be a boob! After his feed he has the gaviscon and absolutely hates it. He gets really worked up about it - it makes me feel so evil. We haven't noticed a difference yet, but apparently you have to use it consistently for three days before you can tell if it's working. Sooooo no more skipping giving it to him because he's already so miserable, we've just gotta do it so we can see if it works. I'd say having it and hating it but feeling good the rest of the time is better than being in pain and upset all the time. If it doesn't work it's back to the doctor to try another medication. A side-effect of all reflux medication is constipation - he seems pretty good so far, though his poos have gone from really runny to mashed pumpkin as Daddy calls it.

We used his frontpack for the first time yesterday - it was so good! He loves it, doesn't sleep in it (of course - it's not his cot!) but enjoys just hanging out. We went to see my horse and he really enjoyed looking around the paddocks while being jiggled along by Daddy.

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