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Monday, May 22, 2006

It's up north we go! It's up north we go! Hi-ho-a-merry-oh it's up noth we go!

We woke at 3:30am Saturday morning for a feed and decided that we'd head up to Whangarei after that feed. Sooooooo at 6:30 we actually leave! A lot later than we'd intended - but of course we are Chris and Saffron! hehe With stamp mission complete and danishes in stomachs we headed up north. It was a pretty good drive apart from having been detoured a million miles in the wrong direction to come back again and be only about 10km up the road. Thanks to the lovely folk at the council or whoever was responsible!! Just as well I don't know cause I reckon they should reimburse the quarter of a tank it used, not to mention the 50 minutes of our lives we'll never get back. We discovered how to adjust Caelan's carseat to have a rollcage in protection against giant falling dogs which was useful - poor Caelan was woken to Toa falling on him around a corner - WOOPSY! When we got there Makere was out at a meeting so Caelan couldn't meet his Grandmother straight away, though he did meet Great Grandma who was so thrilled to finally meet him. She spoke to him in maori and they grinned toothy grins at each other - it was lovely. He thought she was pretty cool and she, well of course, she was smitten. It was so great to be up there and for everyone to meet him - though poor Makere and Lennie were sick, but everyone was glad to finally meet the new addition to the family. We stayed there the night with Caelan only having one good sleep and then waking and 5am and not settling again - joy. So after 5 hours of crying we decided that we'd better just bring him home to sleep. He fell asleep in the car - thank goodness! We stopped to visit Sola and the kids on our way home and he slept for a while longer and then feed before we carried on. It was a good trip but it was good to get home and have Caelan get a good night of sleep - and for us! The whole Clark family was pretty damned tired, dog included. Time for a feed now thanks he shouts from his room!

Great Grandma and I.

Aunty Sola cracked me up!

My cousins EB (Te Ripongahau) and Puzzle (Te Taonga).

Daddy loves me sooooo much!

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