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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Poor wee boy

Argh - well after a virtually sleepless day of crying, grunting, stiffening up and wriggling about in pain/discomfort and being unsettleable I called Plunket. I thought they may have been able to recommend something else to calm him. I described what he'd been like all day and was told that I should either take him to Starship Hospital or an A and E as it didn't sound good and babies can deteriorate so quickly. We chose the A & E rather than endure the wait of the hospital again. We went to Ascot Emergency Clinic which had about 35 million people in the waiting room; I groaned, Chris said "Shit" and a man informed us that he said that as soon as he walked in too. Well Mr "Shit" Man we wont be sitting there as you've chosen to do, we promptly turned around and headed to the Remuera A and E. He was seen after about half an hour and they couldn't really find anything, the doctor said his heartrate was faster than it should be but that was all. He checked out the noisey hernia and thought it odd that it was making the noise. His recommendation was we go to our GP to get a stronger reflux medication as the gaviscon obviously wasn't working and get him to recheck the hernia and get a referral to a paediatrician. Also that if he continues as he is or gets worse we should take him straight to Starship where he'd go through the system quicker to see a paediatrician as the wait is quite long when referred by a GP. He gave us a letter to take to Starship if the need arises, we paid and headed home. After a feed and about half an hour more crying he finally fell asleep out of exhaustion. Poor wee thing, it's just horrible. All of this isn't fair. We thought he would have slept longer but nope - still only three hours, but at least it was a sleep right?!

Sooo the plan is - let him have a restful day today (if that's possible!), take him to the doctor tomorrow to get stronger medication and a referral, use the new medication to see if that works in the meantime and hopefully after a not-so-long wait we'll see the paediatrician and VOILA he shall be cured! haha If only it was that simple.

We've decided to take him to a cranial osteopath as well. Hopefully this eases him, we've been told it should and that we'll be amazed with the result. Sooooo here's hoping! His appointment is at 12pm on Thursday, it's not with the woman that came highly recommended as she's away at the moment but we'll still go rather than wait for her to come back. Apparently he may need a few sessions and it's not cheap, but if it can help him it'll be worth it. We'll try anything! It's just so sad and unfair that he has to be in pain and upset all the time.

Fingers, knees and toes shall all be crossed!

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