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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Milking, sleeping n' stuff

Well I've just expressed 160ml after a feed! So I've gone from being worried about my supply to being bloody impressed! Had blocked milk ducts a couple of days ago - talk about damned painful! Hot wheat bag, followed by olive oil massage, then feeding Caelan from mainly that side, followed by expressing and another massage - magic! No more painful lumpy blockages - nice things one has to go through whilst being a breastfeeding mother!

Last night our wee man slept for 10 and a half hours straight. Scared the shyte outta me when I woke up to see the time and realise he hadn't woken me yet! We were terrified, Chris rushed to his room and there he was sleeping peacefully. We woke him to feed which he wasn't too impressed with, I was so worried but he was fine, alert and fed well (wasn't ravenous though which I thought he'd be) and went back to sleep after an hour and a half. He then woke 3 hours later for another feed and everything seems to be back to normal. 10 and a half hours at this age - it just seems quite scary. Maybe he just thinks he's a grown up now that he's over 6 weeks. hehe Confusing things these babies!

His hernia just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It looks awful!! The doctor said they will just about always clear up when the stomach muscles develop more and if not it will be operated on when he's about 2 years old. Hopefully it goes because my lord it's ugly - talk about the monster of all outties! Poor guy but it's not bothering him which is great.

Gripe water is our new best friend! It's worked wonders for Caelan's painful wind, he's such a silly boy we've been telling him to just burp after a feed, but noooo. Gripe water is helping and eases the buildup of wind in his tummy which is great. He's had a bad couple of days with tummy pain and when it's this bad he doesn't feed that well - poor thing just squirms and grunts the whole time. Gripe water seems to ease this, therefore I LOVE IT! It's hard though because he's miserable quite a lot with a sore tummy and horrid reflux. We've got gaviscon and infacol which we'll try too. Something better work and make life nicer for our wee boy - we want to be hearing laughs not cries!

He'll be graduating to the big kids bath real soon I'd say!

Playing in his bouncer for the first time yesterday and loving it!


kylie nicholson said...

caelan clark you are on the other side of the world from me and i am totally smitten with you !!! love your aunty kylie

Saffron said...

He'll love his Aunty Kylie just as much when he meets you xox

Anonymous said...

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